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Since graduating from Otis College in 1999, I've worked a pretty broad spectrum of disciplines in the creative field. While in school, I interned at an animation studio and learned some basics of production and paste up as well as organization. I have designed jewelry, high end luxury dinner ware and textiles for Tony Duquette Inc. which interestingly enough, translated very well into designing toys and dress-up items for girls later on. I have done food styling as well as more typical fashion styling in photo shoots. I have illustrated two children's books as well as more corporate materials. I have created packaging for beauty brands in various price markets, as well as packaging for toys. In my more personal art life, I tend to specialize in painting, though I have been branching out into sculpture.


My personal work, in both art and writing tends to focus on the darker side of things. I like to explore themes of the life vs. death, having a bit of a facination with the tradition of Memento Mori, as well as a heavy influence with the work of Edgar Alan Poe.  I have written a novel with my co-author Michael Ambrosi, and I am currently working on several personal writing projects including a short story collection and a graphic novel.


I take freelance projects on a case-by-case basis. I am currently over scheduled, however, and will not be accepting new work until mid to late 2016.

About Sarah E. Kushner

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