Since graduating from Otis College in 1999, I’ve worked a broad spectrum of disciplines in the creative field. In my nearly 2 decades in the creative feild I've done, quite literally, everything. High end jewelry design, toy design, corporate design for ads and catalogs, beauty packaging, branding and logo development, digital display ads, web design, 3D modeling, hand illustration, digital illustration, hand lettering and typography...

If you need it done, I can do it.

"Leave the world more interesting for your being here. Make. Good. Art.”


Neil Gaiman


The Lost and the Fallen, Book One:

Meet Me By Moonlight

It's 1854... And a stranger changes everything with a song, "Meet me by moonlight alone, and I will tell you a tale..."


So begins the terrifying journey of a woman facing down her own personal demons and quite possibly the devil himself.


The Rise of Virtual Reality (Infographic)

Outrage: The new viral marketing strategy

Building a Brand Platform & Achieving "Authenticity"

In Knott’s Scary Farm Flap, Censoring Horror Does More Harm than Good: Guest Commentary


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