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Since graduating from Otis College in 1999, I’ve worked a broad spectrum of disciplines in the creative field. I have worked in high end jewelry design, toy design, corporate design for ads and catalogs, beauty packaging, branding and logo development, digital display ads, , hand illustration, digital illustration, hand lettering and typography.

"Leave the world more interesting for your being here. Make. Good. Art.”


Neil Gaiman


The Lost and the Fallen, Book One:

Meet Me By Moonlight

It's 1854... And a stranger changes everything with a song, "Meet me by moonlight alone, and I will tell you a tale..."


So begins the terrifying journey of a woman facing down her own personal demons and quite possibly the devil himself.


The Rise of Virtual Reality (Infographic)

Outrage: The new viral marketing strategy

Building a Brand Platform & Achieving "Authenticity"

In Knott’s Scary Farm Flap, Censoring Horror Does More Harm than Good: Guest Commentary


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